Alexander LeVasseur

Whether it's collecting vintage video games, or taking his children on a dragon hunting adventure, Alexander LeVasseur has always been a kid at heart.  Growing up with comic books and Saturday Morning cartoons, he quickly found a passion for art. He is technically trained in graphic and web design, and is also the co-founder of DuskBunnies Comics.  


From reading to his children every night and spending many hours in the library, he saw the excitement that children had while reading stories and seeing the colorful illustrations.  Alex co-founded Jump Splash Books with his childhood friend to create their own stories for children to help keep their imaginations alive.


Alex currently lives in Westerville, OH with his wife and their four children. While not illustrating, he can be found taking his kids on an adventure…probably dressed as a superhero. 



Artist Interviews

5.23.16 - radio interview