Glendening Elementary is Dreaming of Monsters.

On May 6, Alex and I were honored to hold our first school-wide assembly at Glendening Elementary! We were very excited (and nervous) to interact with the students and to have them help with a project – we needed monster designs for “I Dreamed I Was a Monster”! They didn’t disappoint.

We met in the gym, and the groups were broken down into three sessions of grades 4-5, 2-3, and K-1. First, we welcomed them and asked for a show of hands of people who have ever written a story or poem, or have drawn or painted a picture, made something out of clay, etc. Of course everyone raised their hands, and we blew their minds letting them know that made them authors and artists.

I shared “The Tree Watcher” with them, and why I wrote it. Next, Alex shared “I Dreamed I Was a Bird” and answered questions. The kids were so receptive to the books, genuinely loved them and were interested in the stories and artwork. What an amazing feeling!

But then the real fun began…

For the last half-hour, Alex and I told them we needed their help in creating a monster for an upcoming release, “I Dreamed I Was a Monster”. We began with a simple question – what kind of eyes does this monster have? How many eyes? And it went from there. The kids couldn’t wait to add characteristics to their monsters, and they cheered and clapped LOUDLY every time Alex was done drawing a piece of the monster.

While we did get a little rowdy (sorry Mr. Principal!) we had a fantastic time. It was awesome to be working with such great imaginations, and this was a day we will never forget.

As a bonus, Alex took the rough sketches he drew during the assembly and turned them into finished paintings. You will be able to see them hanging in the halls of Glendening Elementary.

Thank you, Glendening, for a wonderful day, and a special thanks to the group of 5th graders who decided to skip recess so they could eat with Alex and I. Keep an eye out for those monsters…

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