Jump Splash for Sam's Fans

Today we are honored to announce our latest project, "Whispers From the Hallway: A Middle School Anthology. This is a collection of original poems and short stories written entirely by middle school students - and all for a good cause.

This project was conceived by a very special middle school student, who just happens to be my oldest daughter :). She wanted to give her peers and opportunity to share their work with the world, and 100% of the profits will go to Sam's Fans, a charity that raises money for music and art therapy for children suffering from illnesses requiring long-term care.

This is very personal for Rylee and our family. Samantha McCarthy was the older sister of one of Rylee's classmates, and she passed away during her 5th grade year. What brought her joy during her hospitalization was music therapy, and the McCarthy family founded Sam's Fans to carry on the legacy of Samantha, and to bring joy through music to other children.

For more information, please visit www.samsfans.org. and consider purchasing "Whispers From the Hallway" in order to contribute to this wonderful organization.



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