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This past Sunday, July 17th, I was able to participate in the “Authors at the Loft” event put on by For those of you who know the Book Loft located in the German Village section of Columbus, OH, you know what a gem this place is. 32 rooms of winding, secret rooms filled to the brim with every kind of book imaginable?! Uh, yes please. If you’ve never been, do yourself a favor and go there. Like now. You can resume reading when you’re back.

I arrived around 10:45 in the morning so that I could get set up for the 11:00 start. I’ll admit I wasn’t sure what to expect and I was a trite nervous – after all, there were several authors participating who have a much bigger catalogue than I do and are highly respected. I was quickly put at ease. Not only was the Book Loft welcoming and so excited to have us there, my fellow authors were so interested in my work (and I in their work) and there was an immediate camaraderie among us. Did I end up buying the books of other authors who were at the event? Yes…yes I did. And I’m so glad that I did! had a great setup. At first I was at the main table in front of the Loft with several other authors, which also happened to be by the stage where authors were scheduled to talk in 15 minute increments about their books, experiences, etc. and take questions from the audience. It was here that I was able to hear Is Said speak about his book, “Picking Cotton” and I was enthralled the entire time. He spoke of working the fields at his grandparents’ farm in rural Georgia in the late 40s and 50s, and it was an absolutely fascinating question and answer session. I highly suggest his book!

After a few minutes, I was taken to the live stream interview room where I was asked about “I Dreamed I Was a Bird” and the inspiration behind writing children’s books. I must give Alex a shout-out here, because several people commented how they loved the classic look of the water-color artwork. As you can see from the picture below, I got jokes.

After the interview concluded, I was taken down to a table in the children’s books section of the Book Loft. I was fortunate enough to share some time with authors K. Fetters and T.D. Ashcraft, who have both written wonderful stories for children. I spent a lot of time with Ashcraft and we discussed his series “Bump the Monster”, which is approved by all of the Stanley children. Turns out he and I have a lot in common! Fetters book, “Will I Ever Find a Best Friend” deals with how children can navigate the tumultuous terrain of school friendships. Again, I highly recommend that you add both of these authors to your book collection! While I was in the children’s section, I was able to interact with many people to talk about the books, and I had some great conversations. I’m grateful to everyone who stopped by!

At 1:30 it was my turn for the open mic. Being a natural “ham”, I was excited to get up there. I was able to tell the story of Jump Splash books, and share both “The Tree Watcher” and “I Dreamed I Was a Bird” with the crowd.

Both books were very well received, and I answered many questions that were posed. Overall, this was such a great event that I am proud to have taken part in. Our books were very popular with the people visiting the store, and in fact, we had the best day out of all of the authors in the event! How about that?! I feel as good as ever about our mission here at Jump Splash Books, and I’m so grateful that our work is meaningful to the parents and children who read our books.

Finally, you can listen to my interview from the event here. I start at the 12:50 mark and end at 19:04.

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