A Walk Down Memory Lane

For elementary students across America, the 1980s were a magical time. Atari begot Nintendo, slap bracelets and roller skates were required fashion, and Saturday mornings were filled with amazing cartoons - so amazing, if fact, that they still are all around for today's generation of kids. I have many amazing memories from my school, Darby Township Elementary, so it was with great sadness when I heard that the building where those memories were formed was being torn down.

When word went out that alumni of this school were putting together funds for a memorial, I jumped at the chance. So one Saturday last summer, I took my own children on a nostalgic trip down memory lane on the grounds where my old school once stood.

As the memories came flooding back, I shared them with my family. I smiled knowing that my own children would soon have the chance to make their own memories of the elementary years - years that are filled with magic and hope. Thanks for the memories, Darby Township. They will last a lifetime.

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