Hallways of Imagination at JC Sommer

On March 8th we had a school visit to JC Sommer Elementary in Grove City, Ohio. Imagine our astonishment as we entered the lobby to see that the students had been working for weeks in preparation of our visit to turn the entry way into scenes from our books! How amazing is that?

That was just the tip of the colloquial iceberg, however. As we were given a tour of the building, we were shown how each grade had created their own stories and artwork inspired by our "I Dreamed I Was" series.

Seeing how our stories have inspired and excited these young kids reminded us exactly why it is we do what we do. One teacher told us that this was the hardest her kids worked all year because they were so excited! We were smiling from ear to ear.

After our tour we had two presentations in the gymnasium. We did our imagination exercises and each group created their own stories that Alex illustrated in real time! Alex then took their ideas and created black and white versions that the students are able to print off to color and keep. Here they are below!

To say we were blown away by our reception is the understatement of the year. These kids told us all day long through their words and their artwork how much we inspired them, and I hope they know how much they inspire us as well. Thank you JC Sommer! More pics from the school are in the slideshow below.

Chris and Alex


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