The Tree Watcher

ISBN-13:  978-0997042009 (paperback)

ISBN-13:  978-0-9970420-1-6 (hard cover)

This story draws inspiration from the author taking his son, Samuel, on a walk to the park.  He noticed how amazed Samuel was at everything there was to see - especially the trees that towered above him.  With artwork depicting these trees that forged such awe in young Samuel's eyes, The Tree Watcher takes the reader along on this wonder-inducing walk.

"Mr. Stanley’s illustrations are wondrous. Wispy and ethereal. If I’m waxing a bit poetic, it’s because reading the story makes me feel that way. As if I’ve rediscovered something and want to share it with my grandchildren. Take a walk in the park with your little one, find a big shady tree, and read The Tree Watcher together."

What People Are Saying

"The Tree Watcher is a very special, calming, and mindful book that will encourage children to keep noticing and using their imaginations. It would make a soothing bedtime story, but also prompt discussions about caring for nature and the world around us, and appreciating the beautiful things in life in general. Sincerely recommended."

"It’s a simple yet wonderful story that would be great to read to the little ones and I think they will enjoy hearing as well. Anything today that tells a child how important nature is (and not the electronic devices they covet) should be shared."

"I have read and reread this book many times. I find it equally as beautiful every time. It is poetic and sweet, tender and loving, embracing all the wonder of both a parents love for their child and the pure unadulterated joy a child experiences in the simple joys in nature. The illustrations are stunning, watercolor mixed with realistic images blended together beautifully. I adore this book and rate it 5 stars"


"Christopher P. Stanley has taken the beauty of the world he shared with his son and created a wonderfully illustrated book to be shared by families...The Tree Watcher is the perfect bedtime tale, rich with beautiful drawings, thoughts and sharing that bring us all closer to the amazing planet we live on."  5 Stars

"He takes an approach which is at once both more realistic and more magical."


"This book is like taking a walk into the past. To those younger years when everything seemed so large and miraculous...While this picture book is intended for early readers, I’d recommend it to all ages. The beautiful illustrations and story fill you with a sense of wonder.  5 Stars."

"With smartly captured moments of a child’s fresh discovery and curiosity, the author capably sketches engrossing details of trees, their existence around neighborhood, their strength and growth...

Beautifully conceived and executed, this 5 star read is definitely a book every parent would love to read for their child. Highly recommended.